The Employee Cost Program allows V-MODA partners to purchase selected products at a substantial discount. Now you too can customize your #3DHeadphones, upgrade your V-MODA headphones via custom 3D printed shields and listen to V-MODA’s award-winning, acoustic masterpieces and experience our timeless Italian design.

Fill out the form below and we will email you a VIP code to use at

When redeeming your VIP code, please be sure to include your company and employee id number in the order notes.
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We need both your personal email and your store manager's email address. Your manager will receive an email to approve your coupon request by clicking on a link in the email he receives. This lets us know you are a valid employee. Once that step is complete, you will receive a coupon in your personal email box.
VIP codes options

Note that the VIP Code for our headphones is valid just for headphone+2D aluminum shields or headphone+3D fiber shields. Any headphone+3D steel or headphone+3D precious metals purchase combination will not be accepted. If you wish to purchase steel or precious metals shield kits, please use the 20% Off VIP Code on ANY of our accessories

Note also that the EPP headphone will be sent without the outer covering, with the V-MODA red ribbon cut, with a “Not for resale” sticker and a “Not for resale” stamp on the inside. These headphones are offered with an unrivaled discount so you can fall in love with V-MODA quality and craftsmanship and spread the word with your colleagues and your customers.